Riska scout group is during Jota Joti located on the island Kvitsøy its a perfect place for radio communication. The island Kvitsøy has for many years been an international known radio location. On Kvitsøy, Rogaland Radio operated its radio station, with radio communication to the international seaborne traffic. 

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 Since 2003 Riska scout group have been participating in Jota Joti, some of us has been participating every year. As we are on Kvitsøy our pathfinders have there own Jota Joti in our hometown Riska. In addition the other group in our village is participating in Jota Joti. So our little hometown Riska is participating in Jota Joti with app. 60 scouts. Perhaps this will develop to having en active radio scout activity the whole year - if you have experience with radio scouting year round - please contact me, cbascout@riskaspeider.no

During this years Jota Joti we are doing different activities, most of them is digital, look at the following pictures and you will get a little impression of what Riska scout group are doing, contact us on irc  LA1SPG… or LA1SPG and talk or chat with a Riska scout.

Yours in scouting

Carsten Bo Andersen


Our IT technical crew is preparing internet connection and LAN


“Silence” during the official opening of the Norwegian Jota Joti on radio.